Colourful Silver Bracelet With Ruby Labradorite and Garnet


A colourful bracelet made by hand from sterling silver and natural minerals.
Silver elements delicate decorated.
Silver oxidized and polished.

The dimensions of minerals without additional silver ornaments, starting from the hook:
Tiger eye 2,9cm / 1,8cm- cabochon beautifully opalises and delights with transverse stripes
Jasper 3.2 cm / 2.3 cm - just jasper, but in a nice colour and interesting drawing
Ruby 4.6 cm / 3.1 cm - burgundy, but if you look closely, it shimmers husk
Labradorite 3.5 cm / 2.4 cm - black, but with blue haze
Garnet 2.6cm / 2.4cm - pebble, not very perfect surface, but gives the bracelet a brightness

The length of the bracelet is 19 cm plus adjusting chain
In the widest point is 5cm .
The circumference of the bracelet after closing in the centre from 19.2 cm to 22.7 cm

Jewelry is shipped in a decorative box.